The city of San Francesco has a thousand-year history with important Roman, medieval and Renaissance testimonies. Giotto’s construction site has marked the art of central Italy. Located in the central-eastern part of Umbria, Assisi lies on the slopes of Mount Subasio and dominates the plain crossed by the rivers Topino and Chiascio, tributaries of the Tiber.
The city, which gave birth to San Francesco and Santa Chiara, has gained worldwide attention as the universal center of the Franciscan message of peace and brotherhood. Built with the typical “pink stone” of Subasio, Assisi lives and lets all visitors experience the atmosphere of profound spirituality of the places that the history and faith of its Saints make unique in the world.


As soon as you look at the Umbrian village of Montefalco you understand in an instant why the village with clear medieval suggestions has been included in the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Located in the province of Perugia, thanks to the enchanting geographical position in which it is located, Montefalco has obtained the nickname “Railing of Umbria”.
The name of the village derives its name from the falcon hunt of which Federico II of Svevia who stayed here in the thirteenth century was particularly passionate. Between the borders of Montefalco there are interesting artistic memories, historical finds and important frescoes; moreover, the surroundings of the village are famous throughout the world for the production of red wines with divine organoleptic properties.


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